Tim Hiltz

A former community manager of an urban village in Vancouver’s Mt. Pleasant, over the years Tim has been active in the property market as a conscientious investor with an interest in alternative housing models such as co-housing; co-ops; and pocket and intentional communities.   After finishing studies in Communication at Simon Fraser University, and as one… Continue reading Tim Hiltz

Kerrie Proulx

Kerrie Proulx supports the development and implementation of evidence-based policies and programs to improve the health and well-being of children and their families, especially those in vulnerable situations. She provides technical assistance, data analysis and evaluation to governments worldwide and international agencies, including UNICEF, the World Health Organization and the World Bank. She is committed to… Continue reading Kerrie Proulx

Darlene Gage

Darlene is a life-long social change activist, adult educator, facilitator and program manager who loves to work collaboratively with groups and communities to learn, plan and get organized.  She specializes in facilitating community and organizational decision-making processes, creating and delivering training and professional development programs, counselling, and campaign/project management. She has spent her whole career… Continue reading Darlene Gage

Mairi Welman

Mairi is a career strategic planning and communications professional with over 30 years’ experience across a variety of industries within the private and public sectors. She has brought her insightful and practical approach to working with organizations and clients in the non-profit and private sectors, and spent many years working with all four levels of… Continue reading Mairi Welman

Elizabeth FitzZaland

Elizabeth is a community planner and designer with over 20 years of experience in community housing, neighbourhood planning, land use policy and project management. She is dedicated to working on projects that create more inclusive communities and that take real steps to restore balance with nature. Elizabeth is also the mama of two awesome kids,… Continue reading Elizabeth FitzZaland