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Reimagining Salt Spring: forward for the better, not “back to normal”

What if we don’t go “back to normal” on Salt Spring?

Taking the message to Victoria

The Rally for housing solutions was amazing! Thanks for all who showed up. Now we need to show the wider Trust Council that housing action is climate action.

Islands Trust urged to “Show your plan” on affordable housing with vibrant rally 

A growing movement to encourage local government bodies to work harder on bold and systemic solutions to the housing crisis held a positive rally this morning at the Islands Trust offices.

Solutions for Housing and Climate

What if action on housing was also action on the climate? These five solutions show how.

Put Aside Fear When Seeking Housing Solutions

The affordable housing crisis is indeed one of the biggest problems of our times. It wasn’t created overnight, nor will it be solved in only a few years. But we are going to solve it, and to do so we need islanders to first believe we can do it.

Housing for Seniors

A lack of choice in housing makes some seniors very vulnerable to homelessness and stress. Long-term residents who have rented for many years are losing their rentals as homes are sold out from under them. Many of our artisans, chefs, care-workers and grand-parents are feeling the pinch around finding suitable housing. Here are some of their stories…

Housing for Essential Workers

Healthcare workers, teachers, and other working professionals struggle to stay on Salt Spring due to the high costs of rent – often 60% or more of their salaries – or simply not finding housing at all. People with well paying, full time jobs that provide services essential for a well-functioning community are being forced to leave. 

Housing for Families

Families and children suffer from not knowing where home is going to be, or with having alternative, communal living arrangements taken away. Some families and single moms are experiencing discrimination when landlords will not rent to them because they have children.