Join Our Housing Webinar

On November 29 from 6:30pm to 8pm, we are hosting a free public Webinar:   “Small Housing in Rural Communities: Expanding Housing Options and Reducing Development Impacts”   Hosted by Elizabeth FitzZaland, our guest panel will include Jake Fry and Carl Isaak of Small Housing BC – a non-profit organization that has province-wide experience in… Continue reading Join Our Housing Webinar

New Proposal to Fix the Housing Crisis on Salt Spring

With an increasing shortage of affordable housing for our workforce, Salt Spring Island’s housing crisis is worsening and impacting every aspect of our community – our seniors, businesses, hospital and schools. To find a path forward to a more resilient, ecologically sustainable community, we published Homes for Islanders: An Integrated Housing Solutions Framework for Salt… Continue reading New Proposal to Fix the Housing Crisis on Salt Spring

Local data helps inform housing solutions

October 18, 2023 Submitted by Salt Spring Solutions Salt Spring Solutions is a group of community volunteers with professional expertise in statistical analysis, large datasets and public policy planning. We have been analyzing and reporting on the 2021 Census results for over a year. Here is some of what we have learned. Finding #1 Finding… Continue reading Local data helps inform housing solutions

Gulf Islanders need housing solutions

By Mairi Welman A commentary by the co-chair of Salt Spring Solutions, published in the Times Colonist. To see the original article, please follow this link. Lack of housing is an issue in communities large and small across Canada. However, one of the key reasons that solving the housing crisis on Salt Spring Island has… Continue reading Gulf Islanders need housing solutions

Local group issues prescription for housing solutions on Salt Spring Island

A core reason that solving the housing crisis on Salt Spring Island has been such a tough nut to crack is because of the fragmented nature of the island’s governance and lack of coordination and collaboration between government organizations, says local community group Salt Spring Solutions.

Here’s how we all made Salt Spring a little better in 2021

Here are some highlights from Salt Spring Solutions’ work in 2021.

Small dwellings for working families not the eco-villain

And other much needed myth debunking in one of our founding members’ article on the Salt Spring Exchange. The article was published yesterday in response to misinformation being spread in the community that the Trustees are prioritizing development over the protection of the environment by passing housing recommendations put forward by the Housing Task Force.

Gratitude for passed housing recommendations in the Times Colonist

Read Daniel Wood’s article in the Times Colonist celebrating the recent passing of housing recommendations.

Find all of our Finding Home articles here

One-stop shop for all the stories we have on how the housing crisis is affecting locals with diverse realities!

Our first clear win on housing

After years of pressure from people like you, the Local Trust Committee (LTC) finally passed some significant motions last week that should have a positive impact on our workforce housing crisis.