What if housing action was climate action?

There is no zero sum game between housing people and protecting our precious island from environmental harm. Housing solutions are also climate solutions.

Rally on National Housing Day

The Islands Trust has been presented a list of solutions they can take to ease the housing crisis and preserve and protect. Join our positive, solutions oriented rally November 22!

Immediate actions for the housing crisis

We have submitted a formal letter to the Islands Trust, documenting actions the LTC can take, immediately and without further study, to ease the affordable housing crisis today.

The Islands Trust is wavering on housing

The islands trust still isn’t taking affordable housing seriously. Our list of solutions the Trust can do – today – provides a roadmap. But we need your help to make sure they listen.

You want solutions? We’ve got solutions!

We’ve worked on an “uber list” of proposed solutions to the housing crisis across multiple policy areas and jurisdictions. Check it out and see if you agree.

The LTC wants to hear our priorities – affordable housing!

The LTC wants to hear what our community’s priorities are. Please come out and tell them it’s affordable housing solutions! Friday March 15 at Harbour House.

NSSWD needs to prioritize affordable housing

At the root of affordable housing solutions is water. We can find creative solutions that conserve water yet allow for more low-income housing, but we need NSWWD to play ball.

Happy spring! We’ve got lots to do on housing

After a winter break, spring is back, and so is our group’s volunteer energy! We’ve got lots to do on housing this year, and hope you’ve got lots of spring in your step to help.

Things are starting to get better on housing

It’s been a busy time on housing, with good news from the local election and two nonprofit housing projects almost ready to break ground.

Put Aside Fear When Seeking Housing Solutions

The affordable housing crisis is indeed one of the biggest problems of our times. It wasn’t created overnight, nor will it be solved in only a few years. But we are going to solve it, and to do so we need islanders to first believe we can do it.