New Proposal to Fix the Housing Crisis on Salt Spring

With an increasing shortage of affordable housing for our workforce, Salt Spring Island’s housing crisis is worsening and impacting every aspect of our community – our seniors, businesses, hospital and schools. To find a path forward to a more resilient, ecologically sustainable community, we published Homes for Islanders: An Integrated Housing Solutions Framework for Salt… Continue reading New Proposal to Fix the Housing Crisis on Salt Spring

Trust Act needs a Review

Readers of yesterday’s Driftwood would have found our board member Mairi Welman’s succinct argument on why the Trust Act needs a review, citing issues from environmental degradation to the suppression of the arts and farmer communities due to lack of affordability.

Is the Islands Trust policy statement review a fair and meaningful process?

The Salt Spring Exchange just posted our article outlining the ways the recent Public Opinion Survey published as part of the Island Trusts Policy Statement Review Phase 3 Public Engagement launch.

New recommendations on housing need support

Here are simple steps to voice your support for the Trust to act on the housing crisis now.

You did it! Anti-housing motions defeated at Trust Council

Efforts to remove affordable housing from the Trust’s priority list were voted down last week, partly due to the hundreds of people who wrote or attended public meetings.

Tell the Trust: Don’t walk away from us

Right now the Islands Trust is considering removing its responsibility to protect our “unique island culture and community” from its mandate, to solely focus on the environment. Write a letter to tell them this is misguided.

The Trust needs another push on housing

The Islands Trust is unsure if housing should be a top 5 issue on Salt Spring.

Islands Trust urged to “Show your plan” on affordable housing with vibrant rally 

A growing movement to encourage local government bodies to work harder on bold and systemic solutions to the housing crisis held a positive rally this morning at the Islands Trust offices.

Immediate actions for the housing crisis

We have submitted a formal letter to the Islands Trust, documenting actions the LTC can take, immediately and without further study, to ease the affordable housing crisis today.

The LTC wants to hear our priorities – affordable housing!

The LTC wants to hear what our community’s priorities are. Please come out and tell them it’s affordable housing solutions! Friday March 15 at Harbour House.