Candidate Responses to our affordable housing questions

We sent a questionnaire to all 6 LTC and 2 CRD Director candidates asking if they shared our priorities, and specifically what they would do, if elected, to implement affordable housing solutions. Here are their answers to our questions, in full.

Put Aside Fear When Seeking Housing Solutions

The affordable housing crisis is indeed one of the biggest problems of our times. It wasn’t created overnight, nor will it be solved in only a few years. But we are going to solve it, and to do so we need islanders to first believe we can do it.

“Do we want our island to go the way of Kitsilano?”

“The Aloha Ainas of this island were commonplace decades ago…Do we want our island to go the way of Kitsilano and Toronto’s Yorkville?”

You’re making a difference!

We’re happy to report our collective efforts are already having a positive impact! The Croftonbrook affordable housing project is extremely close to getting its final approval. Why? According to a planner quoted in the Driftwood, because of “unparalleled political pressure” to get something done about the crisis. Guess who made that happen? YOU!