Your voice made the difference!

A win for affordable housing!

A few weeks ago we wrote to ask for letters of support for the Croftonbrook affordable housing project.

We’re excited to report back that, thanks to people like you, IWAV is now able to proceed with the next phase of the project!

Supporters like you took the time to write over 30 letters of support to the Local Trust Committee, and Salt Spring Solutions showed up to the Trust’s online townhall meeting to voice support in person.

Here is what one of the project’s proponents said:

One of the clear messages we heard at the town hall was that the Trustees heard the support from the community and really took this into consideration as part of the decision. We received 30 letters of support in the past 8 days!  Thank you to all who wrote a letter in favour!

As well, thank you to Salt Spring Solutions – for advocating for change and action for affordable housing and sharing our request for support.

Organizing precisely this kind of vocal community support for worthy projects is why we started this group. It shows having more voices in decision making processes really does make a difference when decisions like these are being made. Together, we are making an impact.

IWAV is now proceeding with construction of phase 3 of the project, which combined with the 2nd phase of the project will add 54 new rental housing units for low to moderate income seniors, with some units available to low to moderate income individuals, couples and families.

Congratulations to you and to IWAV for this terrific success!

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