Taking the message to Victoria

A week ago today, more than 100 of us came out on a chilly morning with signs, kids, and lots of love and positive energy to encourage our island to find solutions to the housing crisis.

Our message was clear: housing action is climate action. We can house people here with less impact on the environment, and the Islands Trust and others need to find bold solutions that protect both.

The Rally was covered by the Exchange, which includes many great photos and quotes from the speakers and organizers. It also made the front page of the paper! The Driftwood online story also has many lovely photos.

Be sure to check out the media stories for many more great photos and to soak up the great vibes of the day. THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you who came out, signed the petition, painted signs, brought kids, made snacks, and showed your support.

It’s so important to show the community supports this issue. Why? See below:

Regional Trust Council doesn’t needs to see housing as priority

The regional Islands Trust Council (the larger body that our 2 local Islands Trust councillors belong to) is still considering whether or not housing should be a regional priority. Their determination will impact how Trust resources, including staff time and money, will be spent over the next several years.

Unfortunately, despite us making housing an issue on Salt Spring, many members of Trust Council from other islands do not see it. They are interested in protecting ecosystems and climate change but don’t make the link between these issues and sustainable housing.

In fact at a recent Trust Council meeting, the trustees voted down adding housing as a strategic priority for the islands. It was only through extra organizing from our local LTC member Laura Patrick and one other trustee that housing got added back in the next day, but it was a struggle.

This unfortunate “people vs the environment” thinking will only lead to further policies that make housing and climate justice solutions even harder.

So we are going to Victoria to speak up! Housing action can also be climate action!

Join our Delegation to Regional Trust Council

Wed December 4, 1PM, Victoria Coast Hotel, 146 Kingston Street, Ballroom

At this meeting we will be presenting our petition of over 900 of you who have asked for bold solutions to the housing crisis. We will share photos from last Friday’s Rally, and talk about how rainwater harvesting, eco-village zoning, legalizing cottages and suites, homes in town, and protecting forests are not only climate solutions, but an improvement to how development is managed on the islands now.

Please join us to make sure our voices are heard!

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