Rally on National Housing Day

The affordable housing crisis continues to get worse on Salt Spring, and despite being a top election issue last year, the Islands Trust has in the past year done very little to solve it.

This needs to change, and we all need to help. The Trust needs to hear that this is a top priority of our community.

That’s why we have decided to call for a Rally for Housing Solutions, at the Islands Trust offices on Nov 22 ( National Housing Day). We will gather outside the Trust office at 9 AM with a positive, solutions oriented rally to encourage them to implement these solutions.

Come with a sign that signifies your favourite affordable housing solution! Or bring a drum or noisemaker.

You can RSVP here on Facebook. Tell a friend! Bring a friend! Let’s make this huge!

Our list of housing solutions that are good for people and the planet is here.

You can see why we believe housing solutions are climate solutions here.

See you at 9 AM on Friday Nov 22!

P.S. The Trust is not the only local governance agency with work to do on housing. The North Salt Spring Waterworks District, the CRD, and Island Health all hold a piece of the solution, and we’ll be letting them know what they can do soon!

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