“Do we want our island to go the way of Kitsilano?”

Over the summer the Islands Trust and CRD sent joint letters to multiple landowners on the island who had what might be called “creative living” arrangements. Back in the 60’s and 70’s they might have called these utopian communes.

Here is a letter to the editor of the Driftwood from Bryan Young, defending this practice as part of our cultural heritage and unique character of the island.

“The Aloha Ainas of this island were commonplace decades ago, and unwittingly paved the way for the island’s gentrification. The path from funky to chichi is well known, and the questions for us in this election are simple: Do we want our island to go the way of Kitsilano and Toronto’s Yorkville? And if we do not, how do we want our Trust and CRD officials to interpret and change existing regulations to stop the spread of mansions in clear cuts, and help make it easier for people working on this island to actually be able to live here?”

Read the full letter below, and the original article submitted by Aloha Aina Farm owner Greg Clayton below that.

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